Industrias TMP has developed solutions for different companies into the automotive battery recycling business around the world over the past 15 years.   Our Engineering and Design department has developed relevant improvements in different parts of the process, being to date one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies in this type of industry.
Industrias TMP has extensive experience in design, engineering, construction and operation of secondary lead production´s plants, as well as process control from raw material to alloyed lead ingot.
Today, the use of   recycled lead for batteries is more and more necessary, as critical part of the environmental initiative world wide.     On the other hand, the desulfuration system integrated (DSI), from Industrias TMP is designed to meet the best environmental of recycling process. Continuous resources for research and development are dedicated by Industrias TMP to update our DSI ® in order to increase the profitability of business and achieve benchmark standards of lead production. We continuously improve our technology for separation of elements and hydrometallurgical process to produce lead from battery´s paste.
Our Desulfuration System Integrated(DSI) is designed to reduce the sulfuric dioxide emissions from the oven to meet EPA regulations 346 and 376. Our equipments, technology, support, advisory and manufacture have been applied in projects for such important companies as Lead Metal Technologies, Wirtz, FRY´s Metal, etc.