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TMP Industries has extensive experience in the design, supply, construction and operation of plants secondary lead production. The entire process from raw materials to the final alloy ingot of lead, is part of know-how. TMP Industry.

Today used lead battery recycling unit is most needed. The DSI Industries TMP ® system is based on the needs and safest cleaner for recycling lead acid batteries as recognized by most knowledgeable leaders Corporations producers.

Continuous research and development resources are employed by TMP Industries to supply the DSI ® with upgrades and updates, as required in order to increase the profitability of operations and meet the most advanced standards for lead production. Meanwhile Industries TMP is careful study and continuously improve their technologies for battery recycling solutions testing new battery separation and hydrometallurgical process to produce lead from battery paste.

Fusion Systems PASTE DESULFURIZATION are perfected and integrated into one comprehensive system of environmental installations Battery Recycling Industries TMP DSI ® Committed to the Environment , Efficient Technology Transfer to make it available to the world for the production of secondary lead from direct leaching of the concentrates.
using Desulfurization Effects on oven emissions is achieved contribute in eliminating sulfur emissions for Compliances required by EPA Reg 346 and 376.
Industries TMP After a successful period of support, advisory and Manufacture of 13 lines Recycling For Lead Metal Technologies and a line for Wirtz used plant FRY's metal production of 57,600 t / year of lead is in operation, from June 2011 Market Introduces Lead.